Grandma's Quilt

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Grandma’s Quilt is sure to be powerful; promoting confidence as well as entertaining all in attendance with rich, colorful stories of Black history. The play is a one woman show spotlighting the sincere and courageous Grandma Ethelene Ramsey, an ailing African American woman living in the period from post slavery to freedom to present day. A vivid, poignant and engrossing tale that chronicles the progress of an American story as told throughout the eyes of a single character from age 13 through her 90’s. Knowing she is aging, Grandma’s final wish is to gift her granddaughter a special quilt. With a minimal set, this rich story is performed with Grandma’s quilt and a bag of rags that each tells a story of a specific person or time in her life. The play begins around the 1920’s, travels through both World Wars and ends on a Christmas morning. Production uses recorded voices and lighting to create the sensory realities of the time periods. Running time is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Pigfoot Mary

Pigfoot Mary Says Goodbye To The Harlem Renaissance gives a sidewalk vie w of the 1920’s from those who walked/lived/dreamed and made money on a Harlem corner in this prolific period of African American history. One of Harlem’s most successful early entrepreneurs, Pigfoot Mary (Lillian Dean), says goodbye to the customers of her highly profitable eats stand at 135th and Lenox Avenue. She remembers in particular the stories of four men she met during her time o the corner; Hot Fingers-The Piano Player, The Garveyite, Crispus-The Numbers Runner, and WWI Veteran, General Wilson. What they have in common with Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Marcus Garvey, Zora Neal Hurston, Claude McKay and Paul Laurence Dunbar is detailed “in the plot. Witness Pigfoot Mary’s last day her corner stand in 1927. The piece is highly interactive and encourages audience participation. It is written and performed entirely in verse with projected slide images throughout. Running Time is 1 hour.

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