Lambs to Slaughter

By Khalil Kain

Coming June 2022
To the Cherry Lane Theatre


“Lambs to Slaughter” is a new play by Khalil Kain infused with poetry and a live percussive score, that is an intimate, haunting, relentless examination of the decimation/ vulnerability, exacting cruelty and violence enacted upon the American family.

The play is meant to be a meditation intended to strengthen the Black family and give hope to the structure of blood and bond.

Khalil Kain


Khalil Kain B&W photo 2

Khalil Kain


Khalil Kain has graced the big screen, the little screen, and the stage humbly and devotedly. Khalil first appeared in the 1992 film Juice as Raheem. Some of Khalil’s other works include the role of Marvin Cox in the 1997 romantic comedy, Love Jones, the role of Bill in the 2010 film For Colored Girls and most recently (January 2022), Khalil co-wrote and directed, The Millennial, an Original Film for BET+. From Khalil, “With a level understanding of self, I am a writer first.”


Lambs to Slaughter

The Making of Lambs to Slaughter


Reginald L Douglas Director Lambs to Slaughter

Reginald L Douglas, Director

Keith Edward Johnston Musical Director Lambs to Slaughter

Keith Edward Johnston, Musical Director